Allie tells me they become much stronger.

Runyon brought you in, first I determined that no permanent damage had been done by the obedience device. I realized it was time for your treatment, so we decided to take advantage of your paralysis, so I gave you a sedative and placed you in the irradiation click site chamber. An hour long treatment is necessary to keep your hair follicles dormant. I thought that Azareel said the changes were permanent. How often will you have to do that? Every eight days should be effective. While you were still sedated, I renewed your skin color and treated your body for bruises and lacerations. As the last restraint was removed, the android helped her get off the table. The android led her to a shower stall. I want to rinse off any residue from the skin dye. She stood, holding onto a bar in the shower, struggling to stay upright. Her legs seemed a bit shaky, so she concentrated on not losing her balance. The android took a hand sprayer and washed off apartamente de vanzare bucuresti her naked body. Some of the blue dye came off, swirling around her feet, a uniform gray-blue color. How often will apartamente de vanzare bucuresti you put that stuff on me? Every eight days. We'll treat your hair follicles and skin at the same time. The treatments are not harmful in any way; these changes are cosmetic. How about my teeth? No maintenance needed on those. The bonding is quite sy and should eliminate any tooth decay problems, also. You're fortunate to have such sy protection on them, My Lady. bucuresti Unless you have pain, all we'll have to do is a cleaning from time to time. Yeah, I'm feeling real lucky. Like I won a trip to . Ignoring her scorn, the huge android helped her out of the shower, then used a portable dryer to remove any remaining moisture. When he had finished, he led her to a dressing area. Runyon stood there, a nightgown in hand. Get those clothes done? Venice asked, alluding to her diversion. Yes, they'll be done soon. You missed the first part of the sleep interval, but Waltham ures me that your time in the irradiation chamber was restful. I don't feel especially rested. But I doubt I'll sleep, either. Would you prefer a day gown, then? It doesn't matter. The one you are holding will do. Runyon isted her in pulling the gown over her head. All of our tests and treatments are complete, Waltham told them. You may go. You might try sipping a cold beverage and putting a cold pack on your chest. Apparently you hit the controls hard when you fell in the shuttlecraft. Those bruises are no doubt painful. I administered a pain killer before you were fully conscious. Is that why I'm not too steady on my feet? Venice wondered aloud, as apartamente de vanzare bucuresti Runyon grasped her arm, giving her support. Could be. Some individuals are more affected than others by such agents. It should wear off before morning. If your pain continues, then I can administer more painkiller, but let this drug help you sleep. In the morning you can let Runyon know if you need more medication. It's best to eliminate such compounds from your system as soon as possible. Venice nodded her agreement, as Runyon guided her to her quarters. *** In the weeks that followed, Venice tested the limits of her captors, again and again. In Venice's mind, every lesson in language or technology was a new opportunity to be exploited. She used her computer to wake her during the middle of the night and then she, once again, was